Efficient communication and the quality of services provided are essential elements of the effective operation of any taxi corporation. Integration of Slican telephone PBXs with systems for servicing taxi companies is a perfect combination of two solutions, key for the proper operation of the company.

Slican ICT PBXs, thanks to open protocols, enable integration with various systems for servicing companies.

A wide range of Slican PBXs (Slican NCP, Slican IPL-256, Slican IPM-032, Slican IPU-14 and others) makes it easy to adjust the solution to the size and specificity of a given company. Choosing a Slican PBXs, the company has the guarantee that it uses the latest technologies and the compatibility with applications specific to a given industry facilitates and raises the standard of customer service.

Each satisfied customer of the taxi corporation strengthens the positive image of the company.

Examples of functions that can be implemented thanks to integration include:

  • identification of the caller based on the telephone number, quick access to customer data and the history of his orders;
  • information about waiting calls, call queuing;
  • making phone calls from the customer’s contact details or using the phone number assigned to the order;
  • possibility to combine calls: client – taxi and taxi – client;
  • automatic filling of the customer’s order on the basis of the previous orders of the caller, which facilitates the work of the dispatcher;
  • the ability to send text messages to customers with information, inter alia, about: accepting an order by a taxi company or reaching the place of the order by a taxi;
  • call recording;
  • blocking incoming calls from numbers on the so-called “Blacklist”;
  • and many other possibilities.

Using all the possibilities resulting from the integration may require the purchase of appropriate Slican licenses.