Slican HLP-22

  • Slican HLP-22

Classic hot line phone Slican HLP-22 provides efficient communication and direct connection to pre-programmed number. Dedicated to cooperation with all Slican PBXes – can be used as hot line phone in all public places, such as offices, schools, hospitals, markets, hotels, etc. May be installed in small hotels to create cheap communication network – when hotel guests needs only connection to reception desk or as phone for old people, dedicated to install in retirement homes.

HLP-22 phone can also serve as uniphone in doorphone system based on Slican doorphones and Slican PBX.



  • works on a standard analogue line (external or internal)
  • cooperates with any telephone exchange (public or private)
  • has two functional buttons (including programmable button) which can optionally be used to programm PABX function – then HLP-22 realizes other services programmed in PABX, such as e.g. call to reception, guard
  • two volumes of ringtone and light signaling of incomming call
  • light signaling of missed call
  • suitable for wall mounting
  • available in grey colour
  • works with all Slican PBXes