Slican DPH

The new series of Slican DPH PBX doorphones is designed for installation in locations where installation of equipment required pursuing a wide range of services. Its functionality goes beyond the typical functions of PBX doorphone, restricting access only to the buildings / sites for people from outside. They can be used in office buildings, factories, car parks or even at home – wherever you can connect to any Slican PBX.

Provide above all a comfortable service and convenient installation and service.

Features and functionality

Features and functionality of Slican DPH PBX doorphone:

  • available in one-button, two-button and sixteen-button version with key reader or without it
  • possible installation over plaster and under plaster or on the fence, and NEW! with black plexi  cover frame (to inside under plaster installation)
  • readable backllight display with a presentation of names and numbers (only on models with the keyboard)
  • variable font size on the display – presentation of long names and descriptions (only on models with the keyboard)
  • 10 programmable buttons – short numbers (only on models with the keyboard)
  • convenient user menu – change the PIN, the addition or removal of the RFID card using the DPH keyboard (only on models with the keyboard)
  • ability to assign to the button any number up to 16 digits (only on models with one or two buttons)
  • supports up to 500 users
  • access using PIN code, RFID cards or pendants
  • the ability to add, delete individual users (PINs, pendants, cards)
  • available to print legible and aesthetic descriptions of DPH buttons using application from Slican web page
  • 2 outputs control – electric lock (eg., gate) and automation (eg. gate opening)
  • ability to chose action while PIN entering – such as PIN and pressing the “1” gives the signal for the door opening, and PIN and press “2” signal to the gate opening
  • possible to connect a call between phone to DPH and from DPH to a specified phone
  • possible opening of the gate or door during a call (person entering does not results DPH/phone call interruption). There is ability to change those settings – each opening will result call finishing.
  • controlled talk time – the connection is finished after 3 minutes
  • detecting a busy signal – doorphone finishes calling in case of busy line
  • “Isolated” phone line – high quality sound, no noise and the optimum volume level
  • tool for administrator – DPH programming using DTMF tones, and based on the settings saved by the administrator on a USB external drive for each of the DPH – settings backup (in future USB input)
  • DPH menu is available in Polish, English, Italian
  • works with all Slican PBX.