Slican VPS-902P (SIP)

A universal IP phone for every company. Readable, backlit dispaly, BLF buttons, HD sound and functional keys allow you to use all the possibilities of your phone efficiently.

The phone menu is available in Polish and English. Rich functionality, easy operation and modern design are the main advantages of this phone model.



  • 2 VoIP accounts (SIP 2.0)
  • BLF/BLA busy status indication*
  • Identification of incoming CLIP call number
  • Programmable function keys
  • Possibility of use wired headphones connected using RJ9 connector
  • WEB GUI interface for configuring the phone
  • 5-way conference
  • Voice mail with MWI support
  • VoIP account management while handling calls
  • Phonebook XML/LDAP and local phonebook – 1000 enties
  • Ring Volume Control
  • Call history
  • Software update via the Internet
  • Screensaver

*Busy Lamp Field / busy status information – available with devices that support BLF functionality.