Reports and logs


The application allows you to create reports based on pre-prepared templates. The manager receives predefined report templates for detailed configuration, specifying whether it is to be a report on queue service statistics, agents and their working time. Generated reports are sent as an email to the managers according to the created schedule. The email message sent contains an attachment with the report name as an HTML file, which can be viewed in any web browser.

The following templates are available:

  • Call Center queue statistics
  • statistics of incoming calls of Agents
  • statistics of Agents outgoing calls
  • working time of Agents – collective summary
  • working time of Agents – detailed analysis


The logs allow you to view detailed data about queues, calls back, agents’ calls and the events called by them. Viewing logs can be filtered by :

  • indication of the date or their scope
  • indication of the time of day
  • selection of the queue
  • choice of Agent
  • indication of the type of connection
  • selection of the event (login, start, end, break, etc.)