Slican ICT systems, thanks to open protocols, enable integration with applications supporting work organization in various industries.

Systemy CRM

CRM Systems

By using Slican systems, cooperating with CRM applications, companies receive modern solutions based on IP technologies.

Służba zdrowia

Health Service

Outpatient clinics, doctor’s offices, laboratories, etc. use integrated ICT solutions to increase the level of medical services provided.

Call Center

Call Center

In Call Center companies, sales departments, customer service offices and wherever contact with the customer is important, use the Slican Call Center solution.



The Slican PBX, integrated with the hotel application, supports the hotel employees, and through the appropriate selection of licenses, it improves the service quality.



Integration with TAXI service applications allows you to optimize orders, shorten the waiting time for the customer and reduce “empty” taxi journeys.


Remote work

Using Slican MessengerCTI and MobilePhone, anyone can organize their work remotely, regardless of
place and time.


Slican PBX servers are the main unit of the telecommunications system and enable customized selection of functionalities based on licenses.

Slican NCP

The Slican NCP is an IP telecommunications platform that supports up to 500 concurrent voice calls and 40 video connections for up to 10,000 users.

Slican IPL-256

The IP PBX server, Slican IPL-256, is the latest generation product to implement an uniform IT platform using VoIP, GSM and TDM technologies.

Slican IPM-032

The IPM-032 is an IP PBX server which, thanks to its uniform, advanced IT platform, enables cheap VoIP communication even with the basic version of the product. The server features flexibility and a modular construction.

Slican IPU-14

Slican IPU-14 telecommunications server is a product that perfectly meets the needs of small business in modern, multi-task telecommunication.

Slican ITS

Everyone needs cheap and good phone connections – no matter if to the office or home. We have a solution for you. Small IP telephone PBX. All you need is the Internet. Designed for self-assembly and configuration.


Slican offers telephones and other peripheral devices compatible with Slican PBX’s.


Slican offers system, analog and dialless telephones designed for offices, schools, hospitals, supermarkets, etc. They work with any Slican PBX’s.

VoIP Phones

Slican offers universal IP telephones and an IP system telephone with optional Bluetooth and WiFi modules, which are perfect for the office, reception or hotel.


Slican offers HAS-300T digital doorphones with a reader, HAS-3032 series digital doorphones for multi-family buildings and HAS-355 two-button uniphones.

Doorphone PBX’s

Slican offers DPH series doorphones intended for installation in buildings and DPH.IP doorphones, which can also act as an access control system – ACS.

Other Products

Slican offers the Multi Audio Box MAB-1101 and the Multi Switch Box MSB-1102, enabling the Slican central unit to cooperate with e.g. automation devices, sensors and external sound sources.