CRM Systems

Better communication and better telecommunications integration are current expectations of recipients who strive for better and better effectiveness of their companies. Thanks to Slican solutions and integration possibilities, among others with CRM applications, companies receive modern solutions based on IP technologies.

If you need integrated solutions, thanks to which you will gain exceptional ease of customer use and new possibilities of IT tools … You have just found a solution for yourself!

Better communication with clients and a higher level of service are the goals of every modern company. Slican ICT solutions thanks to open protocols enable integration with CRM class programs.

Examples of functions that can be carried out by CRM programs thanks to integration with Slican PBXs:

  • information about the incoming / waiting connection visible from the CRM application level – presentation of the contractor / calling file;
  • Making telephone calls from the contact details in the CRM application contractor file – clicking on the phone number;
  • Possibility to receive / disconnect phone calls from the CRM application level – click on the computer monitor;
  • rejecting phone calls from the CRM application;
  • transfer of incoming calls to another phone number – function can be set from the CRM application;
  • Possibility to review from the CRM application of active telephone calls conducted in the company’s area;
  • telephone call statistics – source of information for a salesman and sales group manager;
  • phone calls for telephone conversations – cost control, the possibility of assigning them to the project, costs of customer service or other appropriate for a given company.

CRM solutions can be integrated with Slican PBXs, adjusting both the IT system and the PBX device to the size and specificity of the company.
Using all the possibilities resulting from the integration may require the purchase of appropriate Slican licenses.