Slican API Infolines

Newest Slican API Infolines allow to integrate the data sent to the Slican server with data from an external database. The combination of information from those two sources allows fuller use of available data from external applications such as CRM. It automates business or administration processes, freeing your employees and accelerating customer service.

All you need is the latest generation of Slican PBXes and your database, containing information to verify your customers. To verify the caller you can use the telephone number from incoming call (CLIP). You can also ask for verification on the basis of combined PIN, personal ID number, tax number, number of damage, service or order – the choice is unlimited and depends only on the nature of the business.

It shows how you can use new generation of Slican INVENIO Infolines:

Verification of the caller:

For whom Slican INVENIO solution dedicated is?

  • It works everywhere, no matter how big is your company / organization, how many customers are operating, how many employees you have and in what industry you work.
  • It can greatly improve the quality of customer service through faster access to information and the abandonment of personal contact in cases where there is no need for direct consultation with your employee.
  • INVENIO is perfect in every time when the customer often hears busy signal or waits in long queues for connection.
  • Slican INVENIO Infolines is a tool with which you can highlight the most important customers by giving them VIP access (special PIN) – the privilege of priority phone call with your employee.
  • You can obtain additional income by consulting selected clients – a highly accurate verification of time devoted by your workers for consulting.

Read more about INVENIO API Infolines (protocol description).

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