Health Service

Efficient service and communication with the patient, which is based, inter alia, on integrated, modern ICT technologies, becomes an important element influencing the development of a medical facility. Integration of Slican telecommunication servers with applications for servicing health care units facilitates the patient’s contact with the medical unit and the medical unit is faster and easier to contact the patient.

Clinics, doctor’s offices, laboratories and other medical facilities increasingly use integrated ICT solutions that improve the quality of patient service and support the medical services provided.

A higher level of patient (customer) service means a better opinion of patients about a given clinic. More and more often for patients, in addition to a high level of treatment, efficient communication is important. The integration of medical applications with Slican servers enables the transformation of an “ordinary”, eg a clinic, into a modern medical facility friendly to its patients.

Slican’s ICT solutions, thanks to open protocols, enable integration with various applications to support medical units.

Functions that can be realized thanks to integration include:

  • information about incoming / waiting call visible from the application level;
  • answering / hanging up phone calls from the application level – clicking on the computer monitor;
  • information about an incoming call with information about the patient’s calling (if in the database, a given telephone number is assigned to any patient);
  • an incoming call automatically takes over the patient’s data, which enables quick registration or change, for example, of the date of a visit to the patient’s doctor;
  • if the incoming call is from a number that is not in the database and the receptionist finds a given patient in the system, the system will signal adding / updating contact details with a new number of the given patient;
  • if the incoming call comes from a patient who does not appear in the database, the receptionist can create a new file and the number from which the patient is calling will be automatically “attached” to the patient’s contacts;
  • making phone calls from the level of contact details in the patient’s record of a given application – just click on the phone number – so it is not necessary to dial the phone number manually;
  • information on received and missed calls;
  • sending SMS messages to a selected group of patients;
  • the ability to save notes from selected conversations, or to register them;
  • other functions that can be implemented thanks to the integration of the application for servicing medical facilities with Slican telecommunications servers dedicated to the specific requirements of various users.

Applications for handling medical units can be integrated with Slican NCP, IPL-256, IPM-032, MAC-6400, CCT-1668 / IP and CXS-0424 servers, adjusting both the IT system and Slican telecommunications servers to the size and specificity of a given user.

To meet the requirements of medical facilities, ICT systems must be characterized by a high level of reliability. Slican telecommunications servers and PBXs meet the high expectations of customers.

Integration introduces a new quality and increases the functionality of a given system that supports a medical entity.

Using all the possibilities resulting from the integration may require the purchase of appropriate Slican licenses.