Slican ConfigMAN.user

ConfigMAN.user is dedicated to users of Slican PBXes, who wish to independently and quickly change some basic settings of their internal telecommunication network. It can be used to record occasional announcements on IVR Infolines – for example, information about promotions, change in working hours – or to update quickly corporate phone book.

ConfigMAN.user basic features are:

  • safety – user can access to only those parameters, changing of which does not affect the main operation parameters of the server
  • simplicity – interactive prompts, icons, buttons, graphical visualisation, clear and legible layout of windows
  • convenience – possibility of editing in ConfigMAN.user application parameters, which often change and require fast response – its management can successfully be implemented by server user

ConfigMAN.user selected features:

  • editing and printing of public phone book – the possibility of change of names, names of departments, etc.
  • editing and printing private or public phonebook – always up to date information about the phone number for all employees
  • editing and printing button labels for system phones
  • edition of most system phone settings – programming such services as call interception, do not disturb, etc.
  • edition of permissions / restrictions on individual users – forbidden and allowed calls / prefixes
  • edition of basic group settings, such as creating groups of conference calls
  • simplified Monitor function
  • review of IVR Infolines
  • possibility of PBX announcement recording