If you need affordable web telecommunication solutions – we have something for you. Small Slican IP PBX is a bridge between TDM telephony and Internet telephony. Enough from now on is access to network. Analog ports (FXO) and IP ports (IPO), internal analog subscribers (FXS) and IP subscribers (IPS), work with VoIP SIP phones, with softphone applications, and analog phones, faxes and doorphones are standard features of Slican ITS IP PBX.

Easy to install, intuitive to use, on-line access to programming and management web application, small size and minimal power consumption – advantages, you will not find in other PBXes.

We offer 2 models of  ITS IP PBX

 Maximum capacity ITS-0106 ITS-0206
 Concurrent calls 4 4
 Analog trunks (FXO) 1 2
 Analog subscribers (FXS)) 6 6
 IP trunks (IPO) 2 2
 IP subscribers (IPX) 1 1
 Ethernet port 10/100 1 1

Features and services of ITS IP PBX:

  • easy to install (Plug & Play)
  • remote management via LAN or Internet browser
  • service of VoIP-SIP connections (VoIP phones and softphone applications in accordance with SIP protocol)
  • works with analog phones and analog faxes
  • service of Slican doorphones
  • ability to service 2 VoIP operator simultaneously
  • 3 DISA announcements in standard with ability of change on own announcements
  • CLIP
  • HOLD
  • MoH
  • LCR
  • ability to configure permissions (restrictions) for outgoing and incoming calls (cost control)
  • call forwarding
  • call user group
  • 3PTY calls
  • different types of ringtones for internal and external connections
  • automatic switch of work modes (day / night)
  • small and esthetic wall mounted cover (191x111x36 mm)
  • power consumption from 3W (in standby mode) to 11W (all phones are ringing simultaneously)