Requirements and licences

Rights and licences

The call center user acquires rights to the functionality of the Call Center to the extent resulting from the purchased licenses.

  1. Starting license of Call Center (NCP.CallCenterStart-5A5CW: 5 subscribers-agents + 5 waiting calls in queues)
  2. Additional licenses of Call Center agents (NCP.CallCenterAgent-x: licenses for subscribers with the rights of a Call Center agent where x is the number of agents 1, 5 or 10)
  3. Additional license for another call waiting in Call Center queues (NCP.CallCenterWaitingCalls-1)
  4. Using the Slican CallCenterMAN application does not require the purchase of additional licenses. The rights of the Call Center Manager and their scope are granted by the PBX Administrator from the ConfigWEB level.

Hardware requirements of CallCenterMAN application

  1. Slican PBXes:
    • NCP series servers with system 1.12 or higher
  2. Computer:
    • Windows 7® or later newer operating system
    • CallCenterMAN application – available from a web browser at the same address as the PBX with “cc” suffix. (e.g.