Slican DPH.IP-VE1P-INOX doorphone

The Slican DPH.IP-VE1P-inox doorphone is a practical solution for controlling entries/exits and communication in closed areas.

The DPH.IP-VE1P-inox doorphone is a device designed with ease of use and durability in mind. The door station has a vandal-resistant housing made of stainless steel, which, together with the smooth surface of the front panel, increases resistance to mechanical damage. Additionally, it is also possible to rivet the front panel of the door station to protect it against opening.

The most important features of the doorphone are:

  • Simple interface design: one call button makes operation intuitive.
  • Material: made of durable stainless steel (inox), which ensures a modern look and resistance to weather conditions and external factors.
  • Design variants: available in the DPH.IP-VE1P-inox recessed version and the DPH.IP-VE1N-inox surface-mounted version, which allows it to be adapted to various installation needs.
  • Communication: between people outside and inside a closed area, which is important for security and access control.
  • Door/gate control: allows you to remotely control the opening of a door or gate, which is practical and convenient.
  • Integration with SLICAN NCP control panels: works only with SLICAN NCP series control panels using a wired Ethernet network.
  • Universal applications: it can be installed in public buildings, e.g. shopping centers, hotels, sports facilities or parking lots, as well as on entrance gates to companies and institutions or in plants and production halls.

Features and functionality of the doorphone

  • making voice calls using a button with one fixed number
  • control of 2 outputs – an electric lock or an electromagnetic lock (e.g. gate) and automation (e.g. opening the entrance gate)
  • opening the door/entrance by unlocking the electric strike/jumper
  • possible installation on a fence/gate using frames and covers made of durable, vandal-resistant INOX stainless steel resistant to weather conditions
  • configuration and management of doorphones in NCP exchanges via the ConfigWEB application
  • two-way communication from the phone to the doorphone and from the doorphone to the phone
  • high sound quality, no noise and optimal volume level
  • power supply from PoE Class 0, or 24 – 48V DC 15W
  • possibility of emergency power supply from 24 V batteries
  • operating temperature range: -25 to +550C