Slican MobilePhone is a service that allows using GSM or private phone as an extension connected to companies PBX. It increases workers mobility and efficiency of using communication sources at every organization.

Slican MobilePhone is solution for:

  • everyone who suffers from lack of communication during the movement of the halls, warehouses, etc. and not have a DECT system – GSM can operate as an element of companies network
  • mobile workers – whether working outside the office occasionally or sales representatives who work regularly out of offices – GSM phones may be parallel phones “working” at a time when employees are out of office just as stationary, standing phones on the desk
  • companies working in the “home working” way – any home phone can be an element of companies MobilePhone service network.

Slican MobilePhone service requires:

  • MAC-6400, IPL-256, IPM-032, IPU-14, IPS-08, CCT-1668/IP or CXS-0424
  • define of “basic phone” and “parallel phone”
  • purchase of a license
  • activation by the PBX administrator – only authorized users (PBX extensions) can use the service
  • identify the external numbers – fixed or mobile – working within the Slican MobilePhone service
  • activate and disable by the employee / person authorized to use Slican MobilePhone (entering the PIN code).

In addition, subscribers using the Slican MobilePhone service can be accessed Callback functionality. It allows realization of connections from parallel phone using corporate PBX and on its costs.

  • Callback restricts number of business calls (from basic to parallel phone) only to phone numbers (extensions) saved in PBX base. There is no danger of losing the password and break into the PBX
  • As the Callback service user does not incur any fees for connection, there is ability to define private workers GSM phones as “paralell phones” in Slican MobilePhone system – no need to buy additional “company” GSM phones
  • Conversation in both directions is compiled by the corporate PBX – to the caller is not sent the presentation of the calling number. Calling person presentation includes its company line number). Neither GSM phone numbers, no private business numbers are presented.
Slican MobilePhone how it works?
Slican MobilePhone and Callback – how it works?

Unanswered call – Callback service from GSM:

Initiation of call – from private home fixed line to companies PBX:
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