The hotel is a unique challenge for a telecommunications network integrator. In the era of widespread IP and GSM telephony, the hotel telephone PBX is more and more a means and tool of integration, not only an intermediary in communication. Currently, the PBXs together with the hotel application supports, above all, hotel employees in the effective and efficient service of a hotel guest.

Slican telephone PBXs are modern telecommunications solutions very well prepared for hotel applications. Slican offers both PBXs for small, several room facilities, as well as products for hotels that can offer space for several hundred guests.

Slican PBXs also work well in hotel chains, where it is required to build communication between several interconnected PBXs. This solution reduces the operational costs of the service, connections between hotels in the network and facilitates control over the efficient operation of the PBXs.

Slican telecommunication systems cooperate with many hotel applications available on the market. Detailed information on the functions performed by hotel programs based on data sent from the Slican PBXs can be obtained from the following companies offering solutions for hotels. Our products also provide other additional services that significantly contribute to offering hotel guests a higher level of service and improving the work of the staff. Slican quickly responds to the needs of the constantly changing hotel market and the suggestions of our contractors developing hotel applications. By using Slican solutions in a hotel, sanatorium, SPA center, etc., you have a guarantee of high-quality equipment as well as technical and commercial support from both the application manufacturer and our dealer and service network.

Regardless of where your hotel is, where a new motel or guesthouse is to be built, a network of dealers throughout the country is at your disposal, who will propose an appropriate Slican telecommunications system consisting of a telephone PBX, IP phones, telephones and doorphones.

Using all the possibilities resulting from the integration may require the purchase of appropriate Slican licenses.