Slican MAB-1101

Multi Audio Box MAB-1101 is device which ensures cooperation of PABX with external audio devices, loudspeaking system (paging) and call recording in cooperation with TelefonCTI application. It does not required external power supplier – it is supplied directly from phone line. MAB-1101 works with PABXes via its internal analogue ports.

It cooperates with Slican communication servers and PBXes:

Modes of operation

MAB-1101 may work in four modes:

  • MIC – premises tap mode
    MAB-1101 has build in high sensitive microphone. Device is connected to analogue port and has its own extension number. Each subscriber may call on MAB’s internal number and listen to what’s going on in specified room. Number of people who may listen to it, is limited by number of internal subscribers, only in NCT-1248 PABX is limitation to one listener.
  • IN – external sound source mode
    MAB-1101 my be used as external sound source. It may be used as source of radio signal, commercial information in company, alternative for MoH function.
  • OUT – paging mode
    MAB-1101 allows connection of PABX with existing loudspeaking system. It may be very useful in such places as schools, hospitals or on big workspaces.
  • REC – call recording mode
    Together with Slican application MAB-1101 allows call recording. Devices is “transparent” for phone line, it does not disturb its work and do not influences on call quality. One MAB-1101 records calls from single internal analogue line.

MAB-1101 may work only in one mode at once. Configuration of work-mode is made by choosing appropriate sack combination.