Slican MSB-1102

Multi Switch Box MSB-1102 is a product that provides Slican PBX cooperation with automation devices, alarms, notification systems, sensors, etc.

The device is perfectly suited to remote monitoring if mentioned  equipment, or premises.

Depending on the settings of Slican PBX, it may inform about the status of door or gate. Information is forwarded as voice (call from PBX), as sms sent to preferred number,  or presented as a change with light sensor on your Slican system phone.

Everything depends on you. Leveraging the power of Slican MSB-1102 you can control multiple sensors and automation devices. MSB-1102 works with Slican PBXes:  IPL-256, IPM-032, IPU-14, IPS-08, MAC-6400, CCT-1668 and CXS-0424. Device might be configured in Slican PBX as Sensor/Relay or Sensor /Relay combination – depending on the desired function.

Multi Switch Box MSB-1102 device is supported from firmware version  4.10. It requires external power supply.