System configuration

The order of configuration of the call center system:

  1. Actions performed by the PBX admin from the ConfigWEB level:
    • assigning call center agent functions to specific subscribers
    • adding the number of waiting calls
    • creation of accounts with rights to manage call center (account: Manager)
    • assignment of Agents to the Manager: all Agents, sets of Agents and Agents not assigned
    • assign queues to the Manager
    • giving the Manager optional privileges such as listening, call override or whisper.
    • configuration of break codes for SIP, FXS and CTS phones
    • button configuration for the CTS subscriber
  2. Activities performed by the Manager from the CallCenterMAN application level:
    • configuration of break codes
    • configuration of parameters to call-back
    • creation of report templates
    • establishing timetables for the distribution of reports
    • setting schedules for the distribution of reports