Slican HAS-3032

Modern, elegant and reliable solution designed primarily for blocks of flat, but also businesses and office buildings. Every cassette supports one stairway. In case of many entrances (cassettes), HAS-3032 may be connected to each other.

This configuration allows operation of a large building with multiple entrances from one place (e.g. reception desk), as well as connection, for instance, from main cassette to premises in a particular block and stairway.

Digital door phone system HAS-3032. components are:

  • KD12 flush-mounted steel graphite cassette (KD12P)
  • HR12 flash-mounted steel INOX cassette (HR12P) and surface-mounted steel INOX cassette (HR12N)
  • VE12 flash-mounted steel INOX cassette (VE12P)
    and surface-mounted steel INOX cassette (VE12N)
  • up to 500 uniphones serie HAS255
  • AC transformer ~230V / 12VAC
  • optional additional button (door opening by receptionist or guardian)

Slican HAS-3032 works with already existing in building two-wires installation to communicate with uniphones. It allows easy and cheap adaptation of already existing network. Communication between cassettes is realized via 4-wires installation.

Due to modern technology Slican HAS-3032 door phone system offers a rich feature set.


Most important system characteristic are:

  • System capability:
    • Single Gate system (SG mode) : up to 255 premises / uniphones
    • Multi Gates system (YaRdBus mode ): capacity up to 128 premises / uniphones per one cassette and up to 500 premises / uniphones for all cassettes, up to 32 cassettes
  • possibility of establishing bi-directional call – numbers can be dialed both, from uniphone and from cassette
  • two wires installation to connect with uniphones, four wires to connects HAS-3032 cassettes in multi gates system
  • audio signaling also if uniphone handset is incorrectly hang up
  • possibility of connecting auxiliary external calling button, doorphone calls are routed to custodian or front desk
  • coded lock function – door opening using Code / PIN
  • 2 independent control outputs (door and gateway controlling) – independent opening of both exits – from uniphone and from cassette
  • complete installation errors identification (incorrect uniphone connecting, incorrect programming, etc).
  • uniphone signal when opening doorphone using Code / PIN (possibility to turn off signal
  • PIN settings automatic or manual for each premises
  • safe power supply voltage 12V~ or 12V=