Slican ConfigMAN.admin

Users of corporate telephone network continuously improve their communication requirements, which should adapt to them and changing business reality. This creates new challenges for PBX application developers, as well as for network administrators. To fulfill those requirements, Slican developed application ConfigMAN.admin – an advanced and comprehensive IT product, and on the same time – friendly tool for telecommunication network administrator. In addition, we offer software named – Slican ConfigMAN.user, created for PBX users. It allows them programming of frequently changing settings.

Basic characteristic of application:

  • versatility – ConfigMAN.admin is common application for all Slican servers. Network administrator familiarixes with one application, which enables management of various PBXes. For serviceman such feature means saved time, for customer – lower costs of PBX service
  • comprehensive –  application allows complex management of a telephone network, starting from network settings for incoming calls, until programming of a particular function button on the keyboard of system phone
  • convenience – all settings, changes, control of work, etc. service can perform both within the corporate LAN, or remotely – via modem or Internet. ConfigMAN.admin allows to monitor current status of PBX in real time
  • safety – ConfigMAN.admin is an intelligent solution that independently verifies the correctness of PBX configuration, monitors quality of signals in network and informs automatically about any irregularities

Some function of Slican ConfigMAN.admin:

  • application window splits into:
    • tables (tree of configuration) – subscribers, charges, incoming calls, outgoing calls – menu always available from each level of the program
    • themes – configuration according to a selected group of issues – e.g. such as built-in call recording
    • monitor of real time PBX status – presentation of current activities in PBX – view of currently busy lines, calls etc.
  • extensive graphical visualization – icons, select buttons, drop-down lists and shortcuts to other windows
  • system of interactive “HELPS” – suggestions related to the individual options
  • hard reset wizard – makes first start-up of PBX easier  – system is basically pre-configured in time not exceeding 10 minutes
  • access to additional settings, functions of Slican servers, e.g. Invenio, DISA, call  recording, creation and control of teleconferences and other applications, such as RecordMAN, BillingMAN, CTI CommunicatorTelefonCTI, TAPI driver and MS Outlook plugin
  • graphical presentation of the processes defined in server – for example settings of incoming calls for IVR infolines, configuration of added services, etc.
  • full list of licenses installed on the server together with an indication of their use
  • built in meters of protocols: ISDN, VoIP, CTIP, HOTELP
  • ability to generate reports such as lists of external numbers, trunks configuration, buttons labels
  • generating and editing of books – public and private – there is no need to create additional databases or phone lists in other external programs
  • programming of PBX calendar
  • programming of peripheral devices – analogue phones, system phones, IP phones, PBX doorphones, audio devices (pagers, megaphones, etc.), programming of every button on specified system phone is possible
  • full configuration of IP subscribers / VoIP accounts – login, password, codecs
  • settings of Voice Mail for whole system and single subscriber
  • settings of privileges for outgoing calls
  • settings limits for cost of calls, or recharge – prepaid
  • programming level of access to PBX – for administrator and user, including the definition of specific rights
  • preview the physical configuration of PBX – busy ports and slots, additional installed equipment etc.