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Slican CTS-220.IP

Slican CTS-220.IP is IP business system phone with optional Bluetooth module. Just connect your phone directly to the company LAN network or in other location with Internet access. BLF buttons provide immediate status overview of selected PBX subscribers.


Phone profile is created and stored in Slican server memory thanks to phone can be used immediately after switching it on, without complicated and time consuming configuration.

Due to perfect voice quality and simple maintenance this phone is smart tool for everyday work. Programmable BLF buttons enable to individual creating of functions, services and handheld contact list.

Phone perfectly looks on your desk. Due to light and ergonomic handset as well as optimal length of handset cord phone your phone is irreplaceable partner in everyday work. CTS-220.IP enables operation with wired or wireless headset or in speakerphone mode.




  • Saving energy - ECO functions
  • Plug and play installation
  • Encrypted transmission of signaling and acoustics
  • Bluetooth - optional module
  • WiFi  - optional module
  • 8 BLF buttons
  • The ability to connect up to 4 of CTS-338 consoles
  • The ability to use wired  or wireless (Bluetooth) headphones (max. wired headphones impedance - 40 Ohm)
  • Individual phone name
  • 5 ringtone types
  • Individual doorphone ringtone
  • 12 levels of ringtone volume
  • Adjustable volume level of speakerphone and wired and wireless headset
  •  Automatic upgrade of phone software



  • Lighted, high quality LCD display 128x64
  • 12 levels of screen brightness
  • Energy-saving screen features
  • Hour, week day and date presentation
  • Call time presentation during call
  • Readable infographics
  • English, german and polish menu


  • 2-way wheel to direct function selection and navigation to simplify service
  • 8 lighted programmable keys with BLF
  • 5 main operation keys:
    • SPEAKER - speaker icon
    • HEADSET - backlight button for headset
    • CALL END - button for finishing call
    • TRANSFER - for transfering call
    • REDIAL - redialing last dialed number
  • 3 lighted function keys
    • MUTE - mute
    • PLUS/MINUS - volume adjustment
    • RING - optical ringing information
  • Speakerphone
  • Headset - headset turning on signaling
  • Smooth adjustment of ring and audio volume - rocker button
  • Predefined direct access buttons for functions (programmable)
    • 3-WAY CALL
  • Individual doorphone ringtone
  • Programming buttons of inteligent control

Call and contacts features

  • Private and public phonebook and list of numbers - up to 10.000 contacts, 20.000 numbers and 1.000 groups
  • The entry with name and number
  • Synchronizing phonebook with Slican PhoneCTI and Slican TelefonCTI
  • Synchronizing phone with MS Outlook ® - phone choice from PC
  • The ability to assign a shortcut button to a contact
  • The ability to make a conference and and 3-way calls using saved contacts
  • Received / missed calls history, dialed numbers - name, number, time of carried calls - up to 1.000 records / calls according to history in PBX
  • Carrying out mobile subscribers services - Slican MobilePhone and Slican CallBack
  • Call recording - Slican Embedded Recording
  • The ability to block / activate phone based on individual subscriber PIN
  • Automatic redial from number list and while busy

Examples of PBX functions

  • Conference and 3-way calls
  • Call recording - Slican Call Recording
  • Mobile work and subscribers – Slican MobilePhone and Slican CallBack
  • Voicemail
  • Hold / reject / resuming calls
  • CLIR and temporary CLIR
  • Information about waiting call
  • Manual call forwarding
  • Automatic call forwarding in case of busy, absence
  • Blocking anonymous malicious calls (MCID)
  • „Do Not Disturb” feature
  • Music on Hold
  • Received / missed calls history
  • „I am here” service recalls the individual user phone profile


Hardware data

  • ECO function
  • Maintenance - free, automatic synchronization with Slican PBX - Plug and Play
  • Automatic phone software upgrade
  • Dimensions 205 mm x 227 mm x 80 mmWeight 900 g
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE: IEEE 802.af, class 0, option local PS 12V/1A)
  • Black or gray colour
  • Ergonomic angle of the phone
  • Wall-mountable
  • RJ9 socket for headset
  • Encrypted transmission of signaling and acoustics

Slican CTS-338 console

  • dedicated to the CTS-330 and CTS-220 Slican system phones series

  • 38 programmable keys (2x19) - you can assign to them any internal or external number, program PBX function, save remote controller / automation function such as  door or gate opening etc.

  • to the phone can be connected at the same time four consoles - you get 152 additional programmable buttons

  • available in black color

  • programmable buttons with LED signalization presenting the status of extension assigned to a button

  • it requires external 12V PS or PoE for IP phone



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