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Slican CTS-330.IPBT

Slican CTS-330.IPBT is system phone for users who require sophisticated phone system and effective call and contact managing. Built-in Bluetooth module lets you use Bluetooth Headphones. Phone can be used immediately after switching it on, without complicated and time consuming configuration.


CTS-330.IPBT enables operation with bluetooth headset as well as the classic wired headset or in speakerphone mode. Operating range of Bluetooth up to 10m, depending on the configuration of the land or premises.

Phone profile is created and stored in Slican server memory.  It is equipped in high quality color, touch screen which ensures perfect visibility in different lighting conditions. Due to perfect voice quality and simple maintenance, this phone is smart tool for everyday work. Programmable touch and standard buttons of CTS-330.IPBT enable to unlimited assigning functions, services or contacts. Universality of phone CTS-330.IPBT enables to using it in local network, as well as connecting this phone in any place with Internet access.

For proper operation of CTS-330.IPBT is  required  6.30.0060  firmware version of Slican server.


  • Auto-provisioning with  Slican IP system
  • LAN, WAN - networking
  • Automatic phone authorization based on MAC address
  • Color touch screen with area of 5 programmable buttons
  • Subscribers status presentation
  • Navigation key with 4 way cradle button
  • Clear and dynamic audio
  • Different ringing for different call categories
  • Sockets for headphone and microphone
  • The ability to use:
    • wired  headphones connected using 2x3.5 mm JACK connectors (max. headphones impedance - 40 Ohm)
    • wireles  headphones with the EHS (Electronic Hook Switch) function through the adapter CTS-DHSG
    • wireless Bluetooth headset
  • Support of 5 lines
  • Ability to connect up to 4 CTS-338 consoles - up to 152 additional programmable buttons
  • Support of conference call
  • Realization of standard PBX functions
  • Lock / activation of phone by private user PIN
  • List of 50 missed calls / answered calls / dialed numbers
  • Public and private phonebook as well as list of extension numbers
  • Presentation of time and cost of call
  • Support of sophisticated call recording functions
  • Support of mobile work - Slican MobilePhone
  • „Plug and Play” installation
  • Saving energy - ECO functions
  • Synchronization with PC - Slican CTI Communicator



  • HD Audio voice quality - effective sound emitter in phone base
  • Codec audio G.711
  • Echo cancelation system
  • Support VAD - Voice Activity Detection
  • Comfort Noise Generator - CNG 
  • Mini-jack type headphone terminal
  • Speakerphone mode - full duplex
  • 10 ringing tones
  • Individual doorphone ringing
  • 12 adjustment degrees of ringing volume
  • Adjusted volume of speakerphone, handset and headset

Display and user interface

  • High quality color, touch TFT screen, dimensions 90 mm x 55 mm  and resolution 480 x 272 pixels 
  • 12 degree of display brightness
  • Energy saving display functions
  • 5 programmable touch buttons with BLF* on the screen
  • Phone own name
  • Presentation of hour, day of week and date
  • Presentation of call duration time while conversation
  • Presentation of Bluetooth activity (active / inactive)
  • Touch buttons for menu, phonebooks, contacts and services
  • Clear icons, different font colors, intuitive menu
  • Menu in Polish, English and Germany
  • Autoredial
  • Synchronization with Slican server - installation and update of phone


  • Navigation key for direct function selection - during call it enables smooth volume adjusting
  • 19 programmable, backlight buttons with BLF*
  • 5 VIP touch buttons on screen - programming of 5 lines, VIP contacts or PBX services
  • 5 main operation buttons:
    • SPEAKER - speaker icon
    • HEADSET - backlight button for headset
    • CALL END - button for finishing call
    • TRANSFER - button for transferring call
    • REDIAL - redialing last dialed number
  • 3 backlight function buttons:
    • MUTE - mute
    • PLUS/MINUS - volume adjustment
    • RING - optical ringing information
  • Buttons for direct access to service (programmable):
    • DND
    • Call forwarding
    • Park
    • 3PTY
    • Urgent call
  • ESC  button - unconditional exit from phone menu to main screen
  • Speakerphone mode
  • Headset - backlight button for switching it on
  • Smooth adjustment of ringing and audio: +/- button
  • Individual doorphone ringing
  • Program of intelligent screen touch buttons
  • Extended call history preserved also after Slican server reset

Call and contact functions

  • Private and public phonebook as well as extension number list - up to 10 000 of contacts, up to 20 000 numbers and 1 000 groups
  • Entry with name and number
  • Graphical subscriberf status presentation
  • Phonebook synchronization with PC - Slican CTI Communicator
  • Phone synchronization with MS Outlook® - Slican TAPI
  • Simple dialing
  • Defining up to 5 lines on touch screen - VIP buttons with BLF*
  • Creating conferences and 3PTY using contact list
  • Received calls / missed calls / dialed numbers history - max 300 000 entries
  • Realization of mobile services - Slican MobilePhone and Slican CallBack
  • Recording calls - Slican Embedded Recording
  • Synchronization of phone settings with Slican CTI Communicator
  • Lock / unlock phone (subscriber PIN)

Realized PBX functions

  • Conference calls and 3PTY calls
  • Call recording - Slican Call Recording
  • Remote work and mobile workers - Slican MobilePhone and Slican CallBack 
  • Voice mail
  • Hold / reject / resume call
  • CLIR and temporary CLIR
  • Waiting call information
  • Manual call transfer
  • Automatic call forwarding while busy, DND or not answer
  • Lock anonymous or malicious calls (MCID)
  • Service „Do not disturb”
  • Music on Hold
  • List of answered / missed calls
  • Service „I am there” – it recall subscriber profile on any phone

Administration, security and protocols

  • Factory configuration as DHCP client (RFC2131)
  • Possibility of manual configuration for work without DHCP server
  • Automatic phone firmware update from PBX
  • Automatic configuration according MAC address
  • Protections - Real Time Protocol (RTP)
  • Encrypted signaling between Slican server and phone
  • Internet protocol: IPv4 (RFC0791)
  • Domain Name System (DNS Client)
  • DTMF


* Busy Lamp Field / Information about busyness


Hardware data

  • Automatic synchronization with Slican server - Plug and Play installation
  • Automatic phone firmware update
  • Phone dimensions 245 mm x 227 mm x 80 mm
  • Weight 1005 g
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE: IEEE 802.af, class 0, option local PS 12V/1A)
  • Black color with silver frame of touch screen
  • Ergonomic angle of phone slope
  • Wall mount possible
  • Terminal for headphones (mini-jack) (max. headphones impedance - 40 Ohm)
  • Terminal for microphone (mini-jack)
  • USB 2.0 - Mini-A type

Slican CTS-338 console

  • dedicated to Slican CTS-330 system phones series
  • 38 programmable keys (2x19) - you can assign to them any internal or external number, program PBX function, save remote controller / automation function such as  door or gate opening etc.
  • to the phone can be connected at the same time four consoles - you get 152 additional programmable buttons
  • available in black color
  • programmable buttons with LED signalization presenting the status of extension assigned to a button
  • it requires external 12V PS or PoE for IP phone

Slican CTS-DHSG adapter

  • dedicated to Slican CTS-330 system phones series

  • allows to connect wireless headset with the EHS (Electronic Hook Switch) function equipped with DHSG interface. This feature allows you to answer / end a call without lifting the handset.

  • headphone adapter requires the use of power supplier for CTS-330 series phones




  • NCP Slican servers
  • IPL-256 Slican servers
  • IPM-032 Slican server
  • IPU-14 Slican server
  • IPS-08 Slican server
  • MAC-6400 Slican server
  • CCT-1668 Slican server




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