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Slican MultiMAN - support for serviceman and administrator

Slican MultiMAN - application to manage group of PBXes. Service, which manages often dozens of PBXes, due to MultiMAN organizes and arranges various information about PBXes. MultiMAN is an essential tool for any serviceman, who works with more than one PBX. It is friendly solution, which makes PBXes group more systematic and simplifies work with it.

MultiMAN provides access to PBX, not only via Slican ConfigMAN, but also via Slican BillingMAN or Slican RecordMAN. Due to the versatile applications Slican MultiMAN is used not only by technicians, but also administrators, managers of companies PBXes and also by people involved in administration of call recording system. Due to Slican MultiMAN application management of Slican PBXes group is faster, simpler and more economical.

Selected features of Slican MultiMAN:

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