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Slican RecordMAN

RecordMAN application is designed to work with built-in recording system EbdRec* in Slican's PBXes (except ITS PBX) . It consists of "Server", which allows you to download recordings from PBX, and save it on your computer in local network, and “Client” part - for maintenance of records.

 It presents detailed history of connections, and allows searching by a number or specific criteria. Application RecordMAN supports:

RecordMAN.Client application


Application for servicing of recorded calls. Instruction “replay recorded call” copy a single file into local disk and play it. Depending on subscribers privileges programmed in PABX recorded call may be saved or not onto own disc.

RecordMAN.Client may work with different data sources:

  • PBX - application connects directly to media of recorded calls in PBX. Depending on the type of PBX, specific number of recordings is available.
  • RecordMAN.server – application connects with archives, in accordance to subscribers privileges. Thanks to it synchronization between PBX and server (storage of recorded calls) is done immediately. User of RecordMAN.client application can access both to recorded calls in PBX or to archive records from external hard disc, where recorded calls are downloaded by RecordMAN.Server.
  • archive data – calls copied on disc or into other catalogue (in Slican format) – on case of connection with that source, application do not works according to users privileges.

In  Slican PBXes may be created RecordMAN.Client accounts, with following privileges:

  • privileges to make copies on local disc - it allows export of recorded calls as standard sound files
  • full access – without limitation. Subscriber has access to all recorded in PABX calls
  • restricted access – it allows to program level of access to the recordings in accordance with following criteria:
    • described level - in PBX may be defined up to 8 subscribers group. Extension number may have access to listen calls of defined subscribers group or several groups.
    • recorded calls according to defined filter. Subscriber can access only records of one extension number. Parameters may be defined by number prefix.
    • privileges to listen records from a certain number of days in the past
  • RecordMAN.Client allows to listen to records created in both - application version 2 and 1.
  • all records from RecordMAN.Server application has to be saved in new location place
  • all Embedded Recording system will work properly when both PBX firmware and recording modules will be in version 4.02 or higher

*EbdRec (Embedded Recording) – recording solution implemented in already existing system – in this case PBX. It requires no external devices to store calls. Calls are stored in PBX module, on CF card or HDD. All records are saved with call recording application in/by PABX.

RecordMAN.server application

RecordMAN.Server main functions:
• downloading of recorded calls on disc (storage)
• sharing of records according to users privileges (server)

This application is designed to download recordings from storage media in PBX and copy them on computer's hard drive in local network. It is particularly important in case of Slican PABXes where CF card is storage media with limited capacity. 

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