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INVENIO Infolines

Slican INVENIO infoline is friendly and elastic. For people calling company or office it means that every one quickly obtain connection with specified extension number or route to another extension number dedicated to solve customer problem. We may create up to 99 infolines and connect them, creating wide announcements sytems.

You may create your INVENIO on your own - you may always buy and add additional infolines or extend time of announcements.  INVENIO infolines are available in all Slican servers (excluding Slican ITS IP PBX).

Slican INVENIO is classic IVR solution. It enables caller to select option directly by phone keys (in DTMF) and connection with internal number, where he can listen information, talk with chosen man or be routed to described group (department). During announcement and after finishing announcement during time specified in configuration, caller can do next action from his phone keypad – there is possibility to program specified action by keys from 0 to 9 and */# keys.
To each key subscriber (extension), group of subscribers, announcement, another infolines, or internal number can be assigned. Extension number can be also dialed during announcement – if any action is selected an announcement is played once again.

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