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Slican BillingMAN - charging application with graphic presentation

BillingMAN is an application working in Windows dedicated to settle up the telephone calls made by Slican's PBXes (except ITS PBX). Creation of this type of software is dictated by changes in environment of telecommunication service. BillingMAN allows precisely rating for specified subscribers regardless of billing type.

The BillingMAN system allows correct accounting calls regardless of whether operator calculate calls per minute or upon impulse. Simultaneously system supports an user in the situations like accounting calls with margins to charge by the owner of exchange and for calls with entry fee. In the BillingMAN system it is possible to correct count calls even if when during the calculation period, the price list is changed. The BillingMAN program makes all calculation without charging of exchange so it is possible to work on downloaded data in offline mode.



BillingMAN.plus is an extended version of BillingMAN program.

Except functionality application offered by predecessor is equipped with analysis module giving better and more interesting types of presentation. Implemented in BillingMAN.plus program, analysis module gives a great tool for persons/companies who analyse telephone traffic. It allows to calculate costs and quantity of calls in easy way. Due to data set in the tables and charts, it is possible to present results of analysis quickly and comfortable. Information from this module can give you answer to the question whether telephone traffic at your company is organized well and what to do, to make it better.




In order to present to users all abilities offered by BillingMan.plus, it is added to the PBXs in standard. The one limitation is the time of usage – up to about 15 h. After this period, program works only with abilities of BillingMAN application. In order to use full possibilities of this program, purchase of license is required.



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