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Slican CTS-202.CL

Digital system phone with "hands free" function, legible, big LCD display. Dedicated to cooperation with Slican servers. It has 12 highlighted, freely programmable functional keys. Intuitive and easy menu assures great comfort and efficiency of work with PBX. It cooperates with Slican CTS-232 consoles. Accessible in  gray (CTS-202.CL-GR) colour.



CTS-232 Console

  • dedicated to Slican CTS-202 and CTS-203 series system phones
  • every console has 30 programmable keys - you can assign to them any extension number, external line, program PBX or remote controller function, e.g. call forwarding or gates opening
  • up to 5 consoles can be connected to phone - additional 150 programmable keys
  • available in gray color -  (CTS-232-GR)
  • LEDs by programmable buttons - signaling the status of extensions assigned to a button - lighting LED means a busy extension number stored in this key



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