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Slican TelefonCTI - phone and computer integration

Slican TelefonCTI – software integrating an internal phone with computer in local network. Useful tool to use more PBX functions and programm often used actions.

It is professional tool for users support, which:

In extended version TelefonCTI.plus there is available SMS and call recording service.

You may use Slican TelefonCTI.plus to: 

Why sending SMS via Slican TelefonCTI.plus is easier than from mobile phone? 

How to use SMS service in Slican TelefonCTI.plus? 

„NORMAL” – delivered on mobile phone with „envelope” symbol on display. Receiver may open and read message or delete it without reading.

„URGENT” - mostly in mobile phones is available option, for which SMSes with “URGENT” marker appear automatically on phones display, even when recipient phone is in profile “do not disturb” during meeting etc. You may be sure your message will be read.


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