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Slican NCP – a system of great capabilities.

The Slican NCP is an IP telecommunications platform that supports up to 500 concurrent voice calls and 40 video connections for up to 10,000 users. With its excellent communication quality and high flexibility, the system provides a foundation for building secure VoIP solutions.


Slican IPL-256 IP PBX

The IP PBX server, Slican IPL-256, is the latest generation product to implement an uniform IT platform using VoIP, GSM and TDM technologies. Excellent quality and flexibility formed the basis for designing safe VoIP network solutions for up to 100 users. IPL-256 exchanges feature easy configuration and construction of systems - networking and integration have never been so easy.


Slican IPM-032 IP PBX

The IPM-032 is an IP PBX server which, thanks to its uniform, advanced IT platform, enables cheap VoIP communication even with the basic version of the product. The server features flexibility and a modular construction. The user has 6 or 8 free slots in which to install interfaces according to the customer's needs: AB analogue ports, POTS public lines, ISDN BRA / E1, VoIP public lines, GSM, or Up₀ / IP / SIP. The whole system is complemented by its own and external applications, creating a low-cost and safe telecommunications system for companies focused on success.


Slican IPU-14 IP PBX

Slican IPU-14 telecommunications server is a product that perfectly meets the needs of small business in modern, multi-task telecommunication. Great price, access to all way of communication and modular build are few of the many advantages of IP PBX Slican IPU-14. There are four free slots that allow to install the necessary equipment at a convenient time for the company. Built-in GSM and VoIP gateways, the ability to record calls, and a free Slican BillingMAN application provide cheap and high quality communications.



If you need affordable web telecommunication solutions - we have something for you. Small Slican IP PBX is a bridge between TDM telephony and Internet telephony. Enough from now on is access to network. Analog ports (FXO) and IP ports (IPO), internal analog subscribers (FXS) and IP subscribers (IPS), work with VoIP SIP phones, with softphone applications, and analog phones, faxes and doorphones are standard features of Slican ITS IP PBX.



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