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Integrated Slican VoIP Gateway

This VoIP Gateway is installed as PABX module directly in Slican PABX. It is not external device, which has to be connected with PABX. It offers high call quality and access to a wide range of alternative and low-cost IP connection. It allows the implementation of network of PBXes. Slican IP Gateways serves both IAX and SIP standards.

Feature  VoIP in Slican servers Other manufacturers solutions
Codecs G.711a - in standard, G.729 and G.729u - option G.711a/u; G.729; G.723; G.726
Communication protocols SIP and IAX2 SIP or H.323
PABX integration on system level via ASS trunk
Configuration integrated with PABX configuration application - ConfigMAN dedicated for every gateway
Monitoring / Diagnosis very good, useful diagnostic console basic (information about logging, ping)
Scalability from 2 to 64 VoIP channels mainly doesn’t exist - only expensive models can be scaled
Tariffication (Charging) precise/on-line „only off line”, approximate
Functionality server and gateway all-in-one dedicated models

Modules Slican VoIP servers appear in the following configurations:







In CCT-1668 PBXes VoIP module according to DSP submodules may work at the same time as EmbeddedRecording module. 


In CXS-0424 PBXes VoIP module may work at the same time as EmbeddedRecording module. It requires installation of SD memory card.

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