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Integrated Slican GSM Gateway

This GSM Gateway is installed as PABX module directly in PABX. It is not external device, it is one of components of Slican server. Built-in Slican GSM gateway provides higher performance and greater reliability compared to the external devices. Slican GSM Gateway is supported as part of PABX by Slican ConfigMAN programming application, calls are charged by BillingMAN, all calls can be recorded by RecordMAN.

Due to integrated Slican GSM Gateway, cheap and direct calls to GSM network (using e.g. corporate business GSM offer) can be realized from any extension number, as well as calls from GSM network can be received. Built-in Slican GSM Gateway, can be also used to send SMS informations created inSlican CTI Communicator or Slican TelefonCTI. For the Slican GSM gateway you need only active SIM card.

GSM modules for servers Slican appear in the following configurations:








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