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New Slican system phones

New quality, new  fine communication possibilities placed on your table in your office.

Slican CTS-330.CLBT, CTS-330.IPBT system phones with bluetooth module for all who require sophisticated phone system with no keeps to your table and gives freedom of hands for office work. If you need more information, ask your distributor. 


Call Center with 1,000 outgoing calls per hour

We are pleased to present the material prepared by our partner PELCOM Croatia doo, showing the implementation of a communication system for call centers based on Slican IPL-256 servers.

The client took full advantage of the diversity of functions offered by Slican solution. 40 SIM cards, call recording and monitoring of agents by CTI Communicator, is the most important applications of our features and solutions. We invite you to read presentation - to see the implementation of Slican servers in the world. (click the picture below)
Material available in English.


New Slican PBX IPS-08 from now on sale!

The new compact and versatile Slican PBX IPS-08 from today in Slican offer.

Rich and functional facilities based on best Slican practice. A wide range of features and capabilities, and unique applications of new PBXes: both as a PBX and VoIP gateways. Compact, ergonomic design is a great option. IPS-08 offers IP connection, call recording, GSM and functionality of big Slican systems! More about IPS-08 here.


Slican awarded

We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded title Gigaset pro Basic Interop.


 Table of supported products and functionality is available at wiki.gigasetpro.com.


NEW 6.20 firmware version

We've released the latest firmware version 6.20 dedicated to Slican IPL-256 and IPM-032 servers.

This solution introduces a completly new quality of our products. Here we present only the most important news related to the new firmware. Detailed information will be presented on the Wiki pages and in the articles on the internet.
So here we go!

New networking extended Slican Smart Linking protocol:

Building Network up to several thousands of users:

  • up to 3999 linked extensions
  • up to 15 linked PBXes in one network
  • linked systems: IPL-256 and IPM-032 IP PBX servers
  • subscribers from different PBXes can belong to one group.

PBXes connected into one system send to each other:

  • information about PBX type and serial number
  • extension number and subscribers description
  • port status: free, damaged, called, DND
  • information about extension – subscriber, account, group, sensor and PBX door phone
  • transfer of rights and access classes

Phone book in eSSL networks:

  • each PBX in network knows configuration of other systems - so internal calls between linked PBXes are automatic and do not require programming
  • internal phone book includes list of all subscribers from linked PBXes with the exception of subscribers described as "does not show an extension in the extensions directory"
  • printing of system Phone key description label - individual settings in accordance to system phone type, font type and color

Convenience and safety of a new networking with eSSL protocol:

  • trunk failure in eSSL network - all connections will be established automatically - PBX will switch into connection via PSTS line
  • if whole eSSL calls are routed via one PBX and one PSTN trunk - to describe costs of calls it is enough to use one BillingMAN base

Read more on Slican Wiki pages

Service of new VoIP cards with 16 and 32 channels

  • 64 channels of VoIP in IP PBX servers IPL-256 and IPM-032
  • support of G.729, G.711a codecs
  • separation of RTP streams on the controller card and VoIP - less load on the controller unit

Read more on Slican Wiki pages

SMS center

  • new universal tool in Slican ConfigMAN application to handle sending / receiving SMS via GSM gateway built-in PBX
  • sending a text message from firmware version 6.20 is realized with PhoneCTI application
  • sending SMS without PhoneCTI licence requires purchase of licence for SMS handling with external application

Read more on Slican Wiki pages

Label printing system phone buttons

  • user-friendly mechanism inside of Slican WebCTI application, that allows its user system phone label printing with describing the functions/contacts programmed in the system phone
  • fill from default texts already assigned to each button
  • automatically adjust the size and layout of the label to a particular Slican system phone model
  • individual choice of color and fonts
  • convenient and clear presentation of stored functions and contacts

Read more on Slican Wiki pages

Own announcement system

  • 3 sets of announcements recorded by PBX user
  • ability to upload announcements in different languages, individual messages tailored to the type of business or industry
  • announcements can be played by the criteria of incoming calls, assign to an individual subscriber or for PBX door phone at the entrance.
  • self-upload popular ".wav" type files or by using the PBX functions
  • available standard set of PBX announcements

Read more on Slican Wiki pages

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