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Mobility and connection of few communication channels in one application. MessengerCTI now on sale. Check the mobile and desktop version. Really worth.

We encourage you to read and purchase the latest solution - Slican MessengerCTI application. Mobility and the combination of multiple communication channels in one app, the comfortable integration of a computer, a landline phone and a smartphone will provide the user with convenience and flexible communication. The application works with  servers Slican NCP  from fw 1.11 and with hybrid PBXs Slican IPx, MAC, CCT  from fw 6.53.
Apps Slican MessengerCTI.Mobile and MessengerCTI.Desktop - enjoy better communication.


Phone VPS-840P again in our offer.

IP phone VPS-840P with colorful display again in our offer. Enjoy Your shopping.

The main advantages of the VPS-840P phone which should satisfy the bussiness customers expectation arre the rich functionality easy service and contemporary design.


New IP phone in our offer

We expanded our range of IP phones. VPS-802P with PoE (Power over Ethernet) already on sale.
We encourage you to shop.

New VoIP phones Slican VPS-802P this known to you phones VPS-802 enriched with PoE (power over ethernet). Intuitive, rich functionality, sound HD quality and other features increase comfort work of users.


Presentation of the new Slican system NCP

Behind us series of training dedicated to new Slican telecommunication solutions.

Slican NCP - unified communications solution enjoyed great interest.
On the presentations were about 700 specialists.
Thank you all for your active participation.


New phone model - VPS-840P

The new IP phone in our portfolio. We expanded our range of IP phones.

Model VPS-840P with color display already on sale.
The phone is addresses to users who like comfort and quality.

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