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HAS-3000T  HAS-3032  Uniphones  

Slican HAS-3000T

Modern, chic and reliable solution for blocks of flats (one cassette maintain one gate opening) and for companies and office blocks. It has large and clear display, back lighted information window and tactile keypad which assures precise key selection. Due to back lighted keys you may use Slican HAS-3000T in completely darkness. Unlike classic analog doorphone installation, HAS-3000T uses two wire net both in rising main bus as in connection with uniphones.


Slican HAS-3032

Modern, elegant and reliable solution designed primarily for blocks of flat, but also businesses and office buildings. Every cassette supports one stairway. In case of many entrances (cassettes), HAS-3032 may be connected to each other. This configuration allows operation of a large building with multiple entrances from one place (e.g. reception desk), as well as connection, for instance, from main cassette to premises in a particular block and stairway. 


Slican US-P2W-HAS255 digital uniphone

Two button digital uniphone Slican US-P2W-HAS255 is dedicated to cooperation with two-wires doorphones installation. We recommend it to Slican HAS-3000T and Slican HAS-3032 system. During conversation with door cassette there is possibility to open door (button with “key” symbol) or gate (second button). 


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